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A database for all things flowering

by Frank Wellmer Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland Three decades of research on the genetic and molecular control of flowering has led to a staggering amount of data from a multitude of different experimental approaches (summarized for … Continue reading

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Passing genes to future generations

by Ben Trevaskis1 and Kazuhiro Sato2 1CSIRO Division of Plant Industry, Australia.  2Institute of Plant Science and Resources, Okayama University, Japan. Genome and transcriptome sequencing is changing plant science. Access to genome or transcriptome sequences allows genomics to be applied … Continue reading

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On flowering and grain number in cereals …

by Maria von Korff Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research The timing of flowering is important for fitness and reproductive success in plants. Numerous studies demonstrate that variation in flowering time correlates with yield in … Continue reading

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Tell me who your sister is and I’ll tell who you are

by Aalt-Jan van Dijk Wageningen University, The Netherlands After spending time with family during the Christmas holidays, it became clear to me how much we learn about ourselves by watching our relatives. This involves both similarities and striking differences. Although at … Continue reading

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Adaptative walk or random walk?

by Martin Lascoux Department of Ecology and Genetics, EBC, Uppsala University, Uppsala University, Sweden The search for the genetic factors controlling phenological traits in Arabidopsis thaliana, in particular flowering time, started in a candid and optimistic mood, with the rapid … Continue reading

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