The Flowering Newsletter (FNL) is the platform of the International Working Group on Flowering, and since 2006 the FNL has been published through the Journal of Experimental Botany.
With Flowering highlights we hope to bring you topical reports, papers, news and updates in all aspects of flowering research. We aim to alert readers of the most advancing, creative, comprehensive or unexpected publications in the field. Each month an editorial team covering diverse aspects of flowering contributes with new alerts that are published online immediately.

Editorial board
Ben Trevaskis (Black Mountain, Australia), Aalt-Jan van Dijk (Wageningen, Netherlands), Amy Parachnowitsch (Uppsala, Sweden), Beverley Glover (Cambridge, UK), Cristina Ferrandiz (Valencia, Spain), Günther Theißen (Jena, Germany), Maria Albani (Cologne, Germany), Maria von Korf (Cologne, Germany), Martin Lascoux (Uppsala, Sweden), Soraya Pelaz Herrero (Bellaterra, Spain), Louis Ronse De Craene (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK), Frank Wellmer (Dublin, Ireland), Richard Imminck (Wageningen, Netherlands) and Timo P Hytönen (Helsinki, Finland).

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