Flowering Highlights was established in 2012 by Lars Hennig (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and provides commentaries for publications in the area of flowering research. It complements the Flowering Newsletter, which is published annually by the Journal of Experimental Botany.

All contributors to Flowering Highlights are experts in their field and select papers for discussion that they find to be of outstanding interest. In addition to alerting scientists working on plant reproduction to new and important publications, commentaries in Flowering Highlights aim at providing additional insight, ideas and discussion that may help to guide future work in this exciting area of research.

Flowering Highlights is published by the Journal of Experimental Botany and is currently edited by Rainer Melzer (University College Dublin).

Board of Contributors
Maria Albani (Cologne, Germany), Aalt-Jan van Dijk (Wageningen, Netherlands), Paula Elomaa (Helsinki, Finland), Cristina Ferrandiz (Valencia, Spain), Robert Franks (Raleigh, USA), Beverley Glover (Cambridge, UK), Timo P Hytönen (Helsinki, Finland), Richard Immink (Wageningen, The Netherlands), Maria von Korff (Cologne, Germany), François Parcy (Grenoble, France), Soraya Pelaz Herrero (Bellaterra, Spain), José Luis Riechmann (Barcelona, Spain), Louis Ronse De Craene (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK), Jens Sundström (Uppsala, Sweden), Günter Theißen (Jena, Germany), and Frank Wellmer (Dublin, Ireland).

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