Flowering Highlights

Flowers are beautiful, scientifically fascinating and economically important. Not surprisingly, much focus in plant biology aims to unravel flower biology: from signals that induce or prevent flower formation, to mechanisms of floral development and interactions with pollinators, to evolution of new morphological structures.
The diversity of research on flowering rivals that of flowers themselves! Given that diversity, can you be certain that you did not miss the latest paper introducing a new concept or questioning a long-standing hypothesis? Would you like to receive alerts of the latest big developments in the field? Flowering Highlights is designed to bring you authoritative commentaries on the most fascinating articles and developments on flowering research.
Flowering Highlights will be posted online (www.floweringhighlights.org) with an e-alert service to subscribers of the Flowering Newsletter. A selection of the monthly highlights will be published in the annual issue of the Flowering Newsletter.

I am indebted to a great group of colleagues who agreed to contribute to this new development of the Flowering Newsletter. They aim to bring you exciting, unexpected, paradigm-shifting or simply particularly elegant studies on flowering, and I am curious to see their selections.

The current members of the editorial board of Flowering Highlights are:
Ben Trevaskis (Black Mountain, Australia), Aalt-Jan van Dijk (Wageningen, Netherlands), Amy Parachnowitsch (Uppsala, Sweden), Beverley Clover (Cambridge, UK), Cristina Ferrandiz (Valencia, Spain), Timo Hytönen (Helsinki, Finland), Günther Theißen (Jena, Germany), Maria Albani (Cologne, Germany), Maria von Korf (Cologne, Germany), Martin Lascoux (Shanghai, China and Uppsala, Sweden), Raphaël Mercier (Versailles, France), Soraya Pelaz Herrero (Bellaterra, Spain), Louis Ronse De Craene (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK).

I look forward to reading about the diversity of research on flowering and I encourage you to be curious and go back to the original article, but also feel free to discuss topics and comment on controversial findings!

And finally, do not forget to subscribe!

Lars Hennig
Flowering Newsletter Editor
Journal of Experimental Botany

About Flowering Highlights

Flowering Newsletter published by the Journal of Experimental Botany
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