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Mutations in a circadian regulator contribute to crop adaptation

Ben Trevaskis CSIRO Plant Industry, Black Mountain ACT 2601, Australia Plants growing in temperate regions respond to seasonal changes in day length and temperature to coordinate flowering with optimal conditions. Variation in sensitivity or responsiveness to seasonal cues contributes to … Continue reading

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It’s about time – rapid evolution of flowering time in response to insect herbivores

 Amy L. Parachnowitsch Plant Ecology and Evolution, Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden 75236. email: When to flower is an important life history decision for angiosperms, one that can influence both the abiotic and biotic environment of reproduction.  … Continue reading

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Flowering Highlights

Flowers are beautiful, scientifically fascinating and economically important. Not surprisingly, much focus in plant biology aims to unravel flower biology: from signals that induce or prevent flower formation, to mechanisms of floral development and interactions with pollinators, to evolution of … Continue reading

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